GPU-developers, work for StreamHPC and friends

applyBored at work? Go start working for one of the anti-boring GPU-expert companies: StreamHPC (Netherlands, EU), Appilo (Israel) or AccelerEyes (Georgia, US).

We all look for people who know how to code GPUs. Experience is key, so you need to have at least one year of experience in GPU-programming.

Submit your CV now and don’t give up on your dream leaving behind the boring times.


Amsterdam-based StreamHPC is a young startup with a typical Dutch, open atmosphere (gezellig). Projects are always different from the previous as we work in various fields. Most work is in parallisation and OpenCL-coding. We are quite demanding of your knowledge on the various hardware-platforms OpenCL works on (GPUs, mobile GPUs, array-processors, DSPs, FPGAs).

See the jobs-page for more information and how to apply.


North Israel based Appilo is seeking GPU-programmers for project-basis contracts. Depending on the project, most of the work could usually be performed remotely.

Use the mail on the contact-page at Appilo to send your CV.


Atlanta-based AccelerEyes delivers products which are used to accelerate C, C++, and Fortran codes on CUDA GPUs and OpenCL devices. They look for people who believe in their products and want to help make them better.

See their jobs-page for more information and how to apply.

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