All OpenCL SDKs now in our Knowledge Base

For who hasn’t seen the latest addition to our knowledge base, we have added a list of all (almost) available OpenCL-SDKs. You can find it in the menu under “Knowledge Base” -> “SDKs…“.

This list shows how important OpenCL is getting, as developers now can write compute-intensive parallel software on CPUs, GPUs, ARM-based accelerators and even FPGAs. This growth of OpenCL-devices is very exciting and important news, and that’s why it has got its own section on the site.

The the current list is (in random order):

Currently looking into:

  • Intel Xeon Phi
  • Nintendo Wii U dev
  • Sony Playstation 4 Orbis
  • Vivante
  • Xilinx
  • NVidia GPUs
  • Qualcomm

The SDK of NVIDIA is on the second list, what you maybe did not unexpected. We have to wait until they have put their official statement on what they are going to do with CUDA and OpenCL.

While you are there, also check the other parts of the Knowledge Base:

  • What is… -> Explanations of terminology. Put your requests in a comment.
  • Event&Talks -> A list of events which StreamHPC attends, give talks at and helps organise. Interesting for both managers and engineers.
  • Self Study – The part of the site most visited after the blog. This is for the engineers who want to start learning programming GPUs.

This section will be updated and extended continuously with information not available anywhere else.

StreamHPC has been in the OpenCL business since 2010 as one of the few. We have been the most visible and known OpenCL-specialist ever since.

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  1. rahul garg

    Qualcomm has said that they are working on OpenCL for Snapdragons including Adreno 320 GPU. They said it is coming “soon”.

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